Local top rated guides know how to prepare the best day tour from Prague for you. Enjoy fully your Czech experience thanks to this tailor-made option for reasonable prices.

Terezin concentration camp entrance gate on private day trip from Prague

from 79 $ / 69 € per person

6h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

See a Jewish ghetto and Gestapo political prison in World War II –  promoted as “Gifted town to Jews” by Nazi propaganda. Furthemore learn the truth about concentration camp being part of the sad European history that consequently influenced the rest of the world.

Kutna hora view of Old Town with church and vineyards under on private day trip from Prague

from 79 $ / 69 € per person

6h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Visit a city competing with Prague for the glory of capital of Czech lands in mediavel times. Experience also unmistakable Ossuary (Bone church) decorated by popular J. B. Santini-Aichel. The richness of local silver mines in fact allowed fascinating buildings to be built and left as legacy protected by UNESCO for us today.

Golden fountain on the main square of Pilsen in front of Cathedral - private day trip from Prague

from 89 $ / 79 € per person

6-7h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Taste the original Pilsner type of beer in its birthplace from oak barrels on a tour in the Pilsner brewery itself. Follow your guide to the town and look also over historical Pilsen city (13th century) up from the highest church tower in Czech republic with stunning view.

Cesky Krumlov Castle Tower above river in the old town on private day trip from Prague

from 99 $ / 87 € per person

9-10h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Walk the picturesque streets and visit mediavel tavern of wonderfully preserved medieval town Cesky Krumlov (UNESCO) with 700 year old chateau. Stop also at the original Czech Budweiser Budvar brewery or magical Hluboka chateau on the way.

Collonade in Karlovy Vary private day trip from Prague

from 99 $ / 87 € per person

6-7h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Taste the healing mineral water springs on outdoor colonnades of Karlovy Vary. This spa town was curing firstly kings, caesars, composers (W. A. Mozart) but secondly also movie stars such as M. Freeman, A. Banderas and M. Gibson. Furthermore see the glassmasters of 1st class Bohemian Crystal at their work on a visit of Moser glassworks.

Complete view of Karlstejn castle on hill surrounded by forest

from 79 $ / 69 € per person

5-6h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Step on the ground of one of the most sacral places of 14th century in Europe – Karlstejn castle built by caesar of Holy Roman Empire  Charles IV. as a place to store besides the crown jewels and royal treasures also collections of holy relics.

Bastei view bridge between rock formations in Bohemian Saxony Switzerland national park

from 99 $ / 87 € per person

10-12h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Hike in one of the most beautiful national parks in Czech Republic whose sceneries charmed not only filmmakers. Walk through the biggest natural arch in Europe, float on a boat through gorges surrounded by mystically shaped sandstones and finally look over Elbe from the very first tourism view-terrace in Europe. All this on private easy-going trip.

View of castles and rocks coming out of the fog in Bohemian Paradise national park

from 89 $ / 79 € per person

8-10h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Discover Bohemian Paradise on private hiking trip. It is the oldest Czech national park and first UNESCO geopark in the country. Admire rock formations and 700 years old castles, chateaus and ruins with views, too.

Zwinger Palace with garden in Dresden on a private tour

from 129 $ / 114 € per person

8-10h, ALL-INCLUSIVE (lunch, admission)

Go through districts of a german town that experienced 152 tons of bombs in 9 minutes 75 years ago in World War II. After 70 years of sensitive reconstruction you can admire historical city raised from ashes in its full beauty – baroque complexes, churches and gardens. Only 1h 45min drive from Prague.