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with Michal
Language: Čeština, English, Deutsch


Bohemian Switzerland, a national park in Czechia and also Germany is known as the land of sandstones in magical shapes. It is typical vacation area for locals not only because of breathtaking nature but also due to magical boat rides in gorges. You will walk the very first tourism view-terrace in Europe (Bastei bridge, rock formation) and also under the biggest natural arch in Europe – “Pravcicka Gate”. Filmmakers fell in love with this place and they shot there a few scenes in “The Chronicles of Narnia” movie.

Day trip from Prague

10-12 hours

Why is this trip so unique?

  • The biggest natural arch in Europe – Pravcicka Gate (admission included)
  • Land of Narnia movie
  • Boat ride in gorge (admission included)
  • Landscape of magical sandstones
  • The very first tourism view-terrace in Europe – Bastei bridge, rock formation
  • Hike in typical Czech nature
  • Visit of Germany
  • Perfect countryside trip with local guide
  • Typical Czech cuisine (lunch included)


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    Jeanne L

Typical itinerary of Bohemian Switzerland private tour

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Your private guide / driver will pick you up at your Prague place. After approx. 2h of a comfortable drive you reach the National park Bohemian Switzerland. Its current face was formed more than 90 mil. years ago. Now you can admire the varied shapes of the rocks which have been created and let your fantasy play with them. Pravcicka gate is the highlight of this fascinating sandstone landscape. It is the biggest natural arch in Europe where above all the movie The Chronicles of Narnia was shot. While hiking (altogether around 9 km = 5,5 miles, that can be adjusted) you will see not only the Pravcicka gate but you will ride on a boat through gorges and enjoy a traditional local lunch. Read More


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